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Brown Belt

You may have many questions about which belt to buy after going to a belt shop and looking at varieties of belts in different colours and textures.

Some of the questions may be whether to buy a casual or leather belt or which colour to choose. And also about the ideal belt texture and whether it will be able to match the many outfits you have. You will find the right belt for you when you have answers to all your questions.

To make your selection easy, you can read the below guide that answers most of your belt questions and help you choose the right and ideal one according to your taste and need.

Match the colour of your shoes

There’s a thumb rule while wearing belts – that it should match the colour of your shoes. Wearing a belt that is mismatched to shoes will surely get you looks, and not in a good way.

As it's human nature to appreciate coordinated and matching looks, wearing a mismatched belt may not sit well with others. While you may personally not care, you have to give it a thought, especially when you are attending formal occasions like business events or weddings.

Match the texture of your shoes

You also have to consider the texture of the belt and shoes, not just only the colour. While it’s ok to wear a black belt with black shoes, it doesn’t suit if you are matching a casual belt like embossed with formal shoes. And the same goes for vice versa.

Match formal shoes with plain leather belts and casual belts with casual or sports shoes. It’s simple to remember.

Wear darker belts with blue jeans

A dark brown leather or casual belt goes well with jeans. However, it’s not suitable if you are wearing black jeans.

You can also wear a black belt with blue jeans but it’s suitable for older guys and provided that you’re wearing a black coat on top of a shirt or a t-shirt.

The simple rule when you are wearing jeans is to opt for a dark brown belt. All other options are not better than wearing the brown one.

Match with khakis or chinos

Deciding a belt for khakis is not that clear and needs some interpretation. As khakis are already in the brown shade, a brown leather belt suits nicely. And if you have dark chinos pants, then a black belt is more suitable. And if you are feeling adventurous and are attending an informal party, you can try colourful woven belts. The classic choice would be to wear a wide cotton and leather belt. Try to match a belt that matches the colour of the khaki pants.

Brown is a safe choice

When buying a belt, the most ideal colour is brown as it fits almost all outfits. Whether it’s trousers, jeans, khakis, or cargo pants, you can’t go wrong with the brown belt. You can also wear brown-shaded belts with grey pants. And if you’re a person who prefers to wear a belt for a suit, again the brown belt comes to your rescue.

However, when you’re wearing black and tan coloured bottoms, a brown belt may not be the best choice. You can opt for a black belt here.

Also, take care about the texture of the belt when you are wearing formal attire. Embossed and casual belts don’t go well with formal pants and trousers.

Black goes with everything

Unlike the brown belt, a black one goes with everything. However, when you are wearing a suit and want to wear a black belt and black shoes, it can be too conservative. It gives an uninterested look and doesn’t highlight you in any way.

You may be afraid to use a brown belt with a suit, however, using a darker shade will make you feel good and comfortable. The contrast also looks better and can give an edge for you. On that note, refrain from wearing a brown belt with black shoes on a suit. It unnaturally draws eyes to your waist and doesn’t give a good look.

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